A Tote Bag of OMG-itis!

I received this tote bag filled with two years' worth of birthday gifts from Ging recently. It was a happy coincidence that my mom flew to the Philippines so she had an opportunity to get these sent to me. I had only expected to receive a spare Miss Igorota doll to send to our newest recruit in Maryland, but I got all these!

  • 4 Miss Igorota dolls (One was already sent to Maryland)
  • One vintage Holland America canvas tote bag (I have a good feeling about this, it may be a travel omen of sorts!)
  • Balloon-decorated padded envelope which reminded of me the Balloon Cake I made!
  • Curly Tops & Chocnut chocolates!
  • Papemelroti notebook, Desiderata 2011 Calendar, ink stamps & blue earrings!
  • Brown fish plush!
  • Bell + Howell BF 35 camera! OMG!!! Totally unexpected! And the ironic thing about this camera is that the box says it's made by Jazz Photo Corp. which is based in New Jersey!
My heart overfloweth with gratitude as much as this tote bag overfloweth with generous goodies! I was so happy I thought I needed to be strapped to an EKG machine from hyper glee. I thank thee, Ging!

2 vandalized my wall:

gingmaganda said...

you're welcome conniechiwa :) enjoy ze goodies! :)

witsandnuts said...

Grabe, I'd be ecstatic if I get something like that lalo na the curly tops hahaha!

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