It Takes Tea To Tango

A cup of tea is literally my cup of tea! I prefer tea over coffee, actually. I consider it my beverage for rejuvination. My cousin who's a Business student at NYU recently came back from a university-sponsored educational week-long trip to Buenos Aires and brought me these: Argentine tea with a souvenir tea cup made out of hollowed gourd and a tea infuser spoon!

I love the tango couple engraved on the cup! Buenos Regalos de Buenos Aires!


These are Guaymallen chocolate cookie sandwiches that are individually wrapped but come in a big bag. You will have a sweet tooth explosion because the chocolate sandwiches do have fillings!


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Wil said...

My boss drinks mate tea everyday. He also has that special cup and straw. Its his preferred drink over coffee. I haven't tried it yet though. :D

Kate said...

I want the alfajor! and that tea cup is the cutest :) It looks like a small orange/coconut husk. hehe

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