Do You Speak Sign Language?

Thank you @123sajeepney For This Cool Sign Language-stamped Postcard!
There goes my friend Lauren's awesome calligraphy again! This time, it's decorated with the entire sign language alphabet, in orange stamp ink! She sure knows how to make any ordinary postcard truly extra-ordinary!

Lauren acquired this amazing stamp set on her birthday at the Cultural Center of the Philippines' gift shop.

I can hardly remember doing the entire alphabet with sign language...but I learned it from TV ages ago. I remember watching old TV shows, mostly the public service ones, which had a tiny box on the screen with someone translating the conversation in sign language. How many shows or manufacturing jobs are actually sign language-friendly these days, though?

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MrCachet said...

Wonderful 'hand' she has! I always admire a person who uses a nib pen to write their notes and letters. I noticed that the United States of America is part of the address which is beautiful!

Clytie said...

What gorgeous writing your friend has!

The sign language stamped on the card brought back fond memories of a book from long ago that us kids used to steal from Dad's bookcase. It had drawings of each letter of the sign language alphabet, and that's how we learned! Wow, I think I've forgotten most of it now. Sigh.

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