Litratong Pinoy #98: Kayumanggi (Brown)

Barbie Travel Couture: London,Sydney, Japan. Digging The Big Ben Dress!

Did you know that it's Barbie's 52nd Birthday this month? Yes, the world's favorite fantastic, plastic doll is a golden girl! And her wardrobe has gone through a fashion time warp, too! What caught my eye recently at Target was the line of destination-inspired Barbie dolls!

From left: British Barbie in a brown, Big Ben dress! Ask her the time and she'll tell you it's time for high tea AND high fashion! Then there's Aussie Barbie with a dress as architecturally complex as the Sydney Opera House! Finally. there's Japanese Barbie in a memoir-worthy geisha garb!

Not sure what else is there in that line but there wasn't an Arctic Barbie with trekking poles on display.

Which one's your favorite? Mine would have to be the Big Ben Barbie...London's the only place I've visited among the three! (Layovers in Japan don't really count!)

I do recall seeing Maria Clara-outfitted Filipina souvenir Barbies at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall in the Philippines. Now that would be a true brown incarnation of Barbie!

Naaalala mo pa ba ang unang Barbie doll mo? May Ken ka rin ba noon? Susyal na talaga si Barbie ngayon, no?

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Kayni said...

Sosyal na siya talaga. I like the Japanese Barbie. I love Japanese dolls and designs.

Photo Cache said...

love the big ben dress but i love the hairdo on japanese barbie.

upto6only said...

ganda nila. meron ngang pinoy barbie dressed in filipinia costumes. like ko yung japanese barbie. bonga kasi yung ayos sa kanya hehehe.

happy LP

TheOzSys said...

Type ko si Geisha Barbie at exotic ang dating :) Yung Oz Barbie e kakaiba at parang isinuot nga niya yung Opera House - hahaha!

Sidney said...

I go for the Aussie girl! :)

Simply Dyes said...

ang gaganda naman ng costume!

Eto ang aking kayumanggi.

Happy LP!

arvin said...

OK yung pagkakagawa nung sa sydney opera dress ah. Meron kayang pang-tao nun? Pero sexy pa rin yung sa geisha, hehehe:D

Marites said...

Bongga lahat ng Barbie pero mas gusto ko ang Haponesa. Sana, balang araw may Pilipinang Barbie rin. maligayang LP!

Mirage said...

Cool! I remember photographing barbie when she was 45! wow gaganda nyan, Im biased with the Jap :D for sure mga collectors ng barbie masaya with these!

Aer Conditionat said...

I had no idea that this month it’s Barbie month. I love Barbie dolls so much. So, from left to right: I love the hair color on British Barbie, love the fabulous dress on Australian Barbie. It’s so beautiful with the architectural style and glamorous. And I absolutely love the make-up and hairdo on the Japanese Barbie.

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