And The Winner Is....

I would like to thank the people who took part in my blog anniversary giveaway, especially the comments you shared. I am touched. I knew one of you was going to mention the pesky pop-ups! Haha.

It's nice to know what people think about how I blog and what similar interests we have. We write blogs to confirm that we saw things, experienced things, and want to preserve them in a way that would nudge other kindred spirits online. Because online, it really is a small worldwideweb, after all.

And now, as promised, here's the lucky winner of my prize package as chosen by Random.org:

Congratulations, Mr. Sidney Snoeck! I don't know if he wouldn't mind getting my girly loot as it does not include any Epson printers, but I'm sure he has someone to give them to if he chooses to receive them! :)

5 vandalized my wall:

witsandnuts said...

Congratulations, Sidney!

Kate said...

Yay for Sidney :)

Kayni said...

Congratulations, Sidney.

Sidney said...

Wow ! :-))))))))))))
First time that I win !
Thank you !

I will send you my address by private mail soon !

 gmirage said...

Congrats Sidney! woot!

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