Rage Against The Regime (Mubarak's, & Winter)

It's amazing how history repeats itself in other countries, and how current events sometimes manifests itself symbolically in ordinary things like a comic strip, such as in today's Non Sequitur (one of my favorite comic strips) calendar comic which innocently talks about winter. Really, the heat from the girl's "hissy fit" can very well represent the Egypt uprising, and "winter" is the Mubarak Regime that the Egyptians have successfully overthrown today. But unlike the comic, the "winter" didn't take as long as the vernal equinox...the "melting" occurred in about a couple of weeks (18 days to be exact), not months.

Filipinos can't help but see the EDSA Revolution mirrored in the Egyptian Revolution, but in the latter, the weapon of the people was computers through social media networking sites (Facebook and Twitter). The hashtag "#jan25" will definitely go down on Egypt's history books! Imagine a revolution that took to the streets as well as tweets!

I followed the events casually on CNN, and tweeted my reactions to it. I literally felt goosebumps when I saw Egyptian Vice President Suleiman announce on television that Mubarak has officially resigned around 11AM EST.

The Pharaoh has fallen, the people have spoken.

Egyptians have a reason to smile as wide as the River Nile!

3 vandalized my wall:

Kate said...

Happy day for Egypt :)

Kayni said...

Great post. I wish I could lead a revolution to shorten winter. Too sick right now.

Sidney said...

I am not an optimist... not sure the new rulers will be better than the past ones.

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