It just struck me as TROPECULIAR that I obtained Hawaiian-themed thingamajigs from The Becky, whom I met with her husband in New York City last month, and Kayni--from her birthday blog contest (which I won) also last month.

The hula girl toe socks were given to me by The Becky, while the Hawaiian planner, bookmark and Mahalo greeting card were all from Kayni. I love them all!

Just look at the kawaii-fine-oh details on the toe socks!

Coconut bras, hula skirts and sequin leis! My feet would be itching for a luau! As in, now!

Thank you, girls, from the bottom of my snowed-in heart!

5 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

The aloha state beckons...lol.

Photo Cache said...

I won a bunch of postcards and a keychain from Kayni too. They are my treasures now.

Jona Panesa said...

they are so cute!!!

Sidney said...

Hehehe...very cute !!!

Bubbles said...

oh I wouldn't mind a pair of those socks, simple so cute.

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