Life Is But A Cream (Frosting)

Devil's Food Bundt Cake With Heart Sprinkles

The Devil bakes Devil's Food Cake! I added heart-shaped candy sprinkles for Valentine's. I love my Bundt pan.

By the way, Happy Valentine's Day!

Mama Mia! Heart-shaped Ravioli!

Check out another heart-shaped item I found at the frozen foods section at our grocery! Heart-shaped ravioli! Do you think it's too...cheesy?

Red Velvet Cake Batter Is Red! Bloody Red!

A few days ago, I tried red velvet cake from Duncan Hines for my cousin's 21st birthday. I was careful not to splatter the blood-red batter!

Casino-inspired Cake For A 21-yr-old. Coz She's Legal!

Since she's "legal" for all intents and purposes, I went with a playing cards theme to reflect casinos, so I drew the card symbols with gel icing. I know it looks crude but it's freehand and I wanted to finish it in time for it to be brought to New York where my cousin is. The black sprinkles look paltry because I couldn't get them to stick to the white frosting which has already hardened a bit.

And speaking of cakes, I signed up for Wilton Basic Cake Decorating classes in March at our local Michael's Store! I took advantage of the half-off tuition plus extra $5 discount offer.  I only paid $17.50 for four sessions! I'm taking my confection infatuation to the next level! This is part of my list of promises for a better me! Who knows, someday I just might be able to travel across the United States by land and consider things like motor home repair. For now, my sweet dreams are made of these!

5 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

hmm...i want cake :)

happy valentine's day and thank you for the card. i'm still coughing my way through winter :(.

witsandnuts said...

We have the same dough-pan! Enjoy your cake decorating classes!

Kate said...

I want caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!!! Looking forward to seeing your creations during the workshop. Hope you can take pics during class :)

Photo Cache said...

heart shaped red ravioli - i want some of those.

Anonymous said...

Love those heart shaped ravioli's!!! totally adorable!! :D

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