Litratong Pinoy #96: Ito (This)


This is a partial view of the Chrysler Building, one of the famous New York skyscrapers which I photographed back in August 2010 when I first got my Nikon DSLR. I stood at a corner right outside Grand Central Terminal, a detail of which is the statues to the left.

A few months later, or in January this year, I went back to that spot. It was winter (it still is as I write this), and I had just spent a day with friends from Amsterdam I met for the first time (The Becky and husband Panelomo).


Same location, same camera, but different circumstances: day and night, summer and winter.

Ito nga pala ang isa sa mga una kong nakunan ng litrato gamit yung DSLR ko. Maganda palang idea yung malitratuhan mo ang isang lugar ng magkaibang panahon. Comparison and contrast, baga. Try niyo rin!

9 vandalized my wall:

Unknown said...

great vantage point!

Iris said...

naks congratulations on your new dslr. magandang pag-practicean talaga ang mga buildings, and that's a great start =)

upto6only said...

nice one.

Happy LP

ruthie said...

ang galing naman! lalo na ung focus per pic! galeng!!!!

Kayni said...

I love the two photo comparison. The Chrysler Building reminds me of that movie The Producers. I think I saw that movie too many times.

Sidney said...

Amazing... exactly the same crop !
You have a good visual memeory !

Sidney said...

memory (sorry)

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I see this angle quite often right in front of the Grand Central terminal.
Was thinking of doing something like this - 4-seasons actually - but just got lazy :)

emarene said...

A New York must see! Galing!

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