Sweet Dreams Are Made of...Coconuts?


I've been having recurring dreams lately of being on the beach. More recently, I dreamt of being on this strange beach where germinated coconuts, that is, coconut saplings with young palm leaves already sprouting from within--were floating quite abundantly on the waters.

In that same dream, I was having this conversation with someone about "tuba," or native Philippine coconut wine. I was explaining to the man the method of collecting the coconut sap from the tree like I was an expert. In reality, I only know it vaguely from watching my grandfather do it when I was a child vacationing in the province.

In a previous dream, I was lying facedown on a beach with black sand, my back to the sun baking lazily away.

And today, the answer to this SEA-rious dream mystery finally dawned on me: my sister, her boyfriend, my little baby niece and I are going to Puerto Rico in May. Yay!

I just googled "black sand beach" and saw that Puerto Rico does have them. The last black sand beach I was on was in Cavite, Philippines, during my childhood. When I reached adolescence, the blackness was due more to pollution than natural occurrence.

I hear Puerto Ricans are more crazy about plantains than coconuts out there. I am excited, nonetheless! Not worried about getting quality ambience while there, I am ready to be enchanted by "La Isla Del Encanto!"

(The coconut beach scene above is from my Capiz summer vacation last year. We ate coconuts right by this beach!)

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Kayni said...

i would love to see Puerto Rico again, and i love the juice of fresh young coconuts.

fortuitous faery said...

i'm so excited! we are traveling with a puerto rico native, so we have connections. :)

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