Litratong Pinoy #92: Lata (Can)


Did you know that even the most ordinary of ordinary things, like a Campbell's Soup can, can be elevated to high art status? That's what pop artist Andy Warhol did with his work entitled "Campbell's Soup Cans," in which he painted 32 varieties of the favorite American canned soup available at the time in 1962. That's 32 individual canvases! Don't you think it's just...SOUP-er? Mmmm...mmmm...good!

This work as well as others by Warhol, such as his famous Marilyn Monroe painting, CAN be seen at New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). I was able to see these soup cans once again in November 2010.

Some of Warhol's art have been turned into tote bags and purses that can be purchased online with Amazon gift cards. I think it would be more fun, though, to visit his museum in his native Pennsylvania!

Pang-museum ang mga de lata ni Andy Warhol! Mmm...mmmm....galing!

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