It's Not Easy Being Green

Desserts Just For Jets Fans.

Green Day it was not for the New York Jets yesterday, as their football uniforms grew gray from their loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They were struggling at a score deficit wider than the whole nine yards, 0-17. They did show signs of catching up in the second half, but the clock was against their favor, so was the field they were playing in (Pittsburgh). Their 19-24 defeat was grim enough to make them wish they played instead in the green, green grass of their home state.

I must emphasize that I am no football expert: I hardly understand the rules involved. But being in this country with such rabid passionate love for this sport (played nowhere else in the world) sparked some curiosity to at least watch it when I can. The Superbowl starts next month between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I did admire the baked goodies at our grocery decorated with NY Jets colors. Would an appetite suppressant be powerful enough to kill your craving for cookies and cake and everything in between? Perhaps so, but I'm not one to desert delightful desserts such as these.

And that's how the cookie crumbles.

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Kate said...

Those look good! I want a cookie :D

Photo Cache said...

America is so passionate about their football. It's so nice to watch the lenghts they go thru to show their affiliation :)

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