Say What, Kumquat?

Yes, that funny-sounding name is actually a citrus variety and is the featured art on the new Lunar New Year stamp sheet for 2011. I bought them today. February 3rd marks the Year of the Rabbit in the Lunar calendar. These kooky, "Snooki" versions (the official skin complexion of the cast of "Jersey Shore," it seems) of the orange are said to be auspicious fruits according to the Chinese. They favor round objects and things that resemble the color gold when it comes to lucky items. Wouldn't it be cool if they also made usb drives shaped like kumquats?

Another note about the new US postage stamps being released: the designs no longer display the amount, instead they're marked with "Forever." It's both comforting and a tad disturbing, because although you don't have to worry about the price being the current "first class rate," it also means they can always change the price in the future, forever and ever. 

[stamp image from usps.com]

2 vandalized my wall:

Unknown said...

Beautiful stamp :-)

Love the idea of USB drive. The stamp looks so strange and unrealistic with the 'Forever' though.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Kayni said...

i love candied kumquats :). i still have some left from corfu.

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