7,107 Isles of Smiles!

Drawing The Philippine Map With Black Marker.

I came up with that slogan quite spontaneously after hearing of the controversy surrounding the recent attempt at a new slogan to boost Philippine tourism. That slogan died a brutal death. I, however, just have a natural love for rhyming words and puns with a punch!

Last month (which is now part of "last year"), a family friend's daughter was doing a school report on the Philippines as part of sharing one's heritage. They had asked me for help on the visual aid. Armed with a few office supply tools such as a black marker, mechanical pencil and poster paper, I drew the Philippine map and decorated it with actual postcards I received. I slaved away all night to finish it.

The finished product:

Finished Product! Hope It's A-worthy!

I was told that the daughter earned an A+, and the teachers requested to have the poster displayed in school for a while. I was happy for the well-deserved grade and the fact that her report impressed everyone!

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Photo Cache said...

i envy people who have artistic talents. so what is the new slogan?

Bubbles said...

It definately earns that A+, it looks really good.

Terry said...

Happy PFF :)
Wow what an awesome moment to be shared thank you for including us today!!!
What a great project and an A+ !!!
Have a fabulous weekend .
Until next time
Happy Trails

Joy said...

Love the poster. I got a postcard from Thailand the other week which sent me greetings from the land of smiles. Is there a dispute where this land is:-)

Snap said...

Marvelous poster and great use of postcards. Happy PFF!

viridian said...

hurrah on the poster. It looks great and I am glad she got a good mark.

Postcardy said...

great job! It would be nice if it inspired the kids to collect postcards.

doi said...

good job con! i really like the poster. ganda! :D

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

A great use for the postcards!

Paul van Yperen said...

That's a lot of islands, and a lot of smiles. Great poster, and good luck with the new slogan. Happy PFF.

MrCachet said...

Well done! You know that you could actually make your own postcards doing just what you're doing - take the finished art work to a print shop and have it put on card stock. It really isn't that expensive to do.

Or - make your own envelopes!

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