Litratong Pinoy #90: Sarado (Closed)


Imagine the excitement we and our stomachs had when we heard that a Max's Restaurant opened up in Jersey City this year! We Filipinos of the East Coast US get easily psyched of news of famous Filipino franchises setting shop in our region. The only Jollibee branch in the entire East Coast which is in Queens, NY is cause for a religious pilgrimage for Filipino-Americans! West Coast Filipinos have all the fun! Not fair!

So off we went to Max's on my father's birthday last October for lunch with my baby niece in tow. But this was the sign that greeted us:


So apparently, the restaurant was so "new" that they only have limited business hours. 3-9?! Are you kidding me? What is a "soft opening?" Is the opposite supposed to be "hardcore opening?"

So with great disappointment and even greater hunger, we ate at a different Filipino restaurant in another block. Well, perhaps now they're open longer...and open for lunch, too!

We haven't gone back yet to find out.

Sa wakas, may Max's na sa New Jersey! Pero malas...nang kami'y pumunta, ito'y HINDI BUKAS!

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Kayni said...

gasp...that's the same thing that happened to my mom. she wanted to go to maxx and they were closed.

Kim, USA said...

Weird because I am thinking of frying chicken dahil nasa isip ko Max's chicken hehehe. Sana meron ding mga Filipino franchise here in Michigan ^_^

AVCr8teur said...

I have never heard of the phrase "soft opening" for a restaurant. It's almost like hit or miss during those hours. They totally missed the dinner crowd.

emarene said...

Aayy, nakakasira ng mood yan! matatagalan bago ako babalik pag ganoon :(

Buti na lang may ibang choices, ano?

Unknown said...

hahaha! i'm sure napalunok na lang kayo nang makita nyong sarado pa ang Max's. bitin!:p

upto6only said...

nyek diba pag soft opening nga open ka na agad at walang time limit. hehehe. baka worry sila na mahina ang benta pag maaga.

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