Ornament To Cherish That Moment


Aside from sending Christmas cards, I can go crazy with collecting Christmas tree ornaments, especially the ones that either bear the year or preserve a special memory.

To celebrate my baby niece's First Christmas, I bought this Rudolph-red giraffe ornament from a Carlton Store. Their holiday stuff were 50% off, so this cute ornament ended up being just $5.

And by some magical coincidence, I stumbled upon American Greetings' (which owns Carlton Cards) "Remember That Time Sweepstakes," in which you can upload a favorite personal story from 2010 in 1000 characters or less and have your friends vote for you. The three stories with the most number of votes each win a $100 Amazon gift card! (Contest open only to legal residents of the USA.)

I've never won a popularity-based online contest before. Had no luck with the Fossil Vintage Photo Contest and that New Jersey Photo Contest sponsored by a NJ insurance firm. It's hard to beg people to click on your link repeatedly (once daily until December 31st, 2010). It's even harder when the current top story is a 44-year-old who shares the late blossoming of a romance in her life. She now has almost 200 votes.

But then, who knows? I have to roll the dice, right? With your help, I might get lucky! Please click the VOTE button on the left of my entry called "Hello, Aunthood!" It's my personal highlight this year. I had to trim down the details to a mere 1000 characters. The long version was orinally blogged here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to vote for little old me!

5 vandalized my wall:

Unknown said...

The giraffe is so cute!

And I go vote for you now. So I can vote for you repeatedly daily? If I don't forget, I might be able to vote for you everyday, I guess ;-)

upto6only said...

i love the ornament.

It's ok to join contest wala naman mawawala hehehe and who knows nga diba baka palarin :)

I voted too :)

Kayni said...

I voted and good luck :)

fortuitous faery said...

yes, pavinee...once a day! like vitamins! thanks everyone for your precious votes! in my heart, i know i've already won. :)

Mayet said...

just voted for you! goodluck.

congratulations on being a new aunt.

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