Letters To Santa & Christmas Cards To Us

Santa's Mailbox In Our Town.

This is the mailbox for Santa in front of our town's municipal hall that I photographed yesterday. I wonder how much mail it has inside by this time?

When I bought stamps at our local post office, I also saw a bin behind the counter marked "Letters to Santa." Isn't that just endearing?

Now, I've mentioned so many times in my blog how I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. As soon as the cards go 75% off at the stores, I hoard the pretty ones for next year. I think I have enough cards to last our family three Christmases of card-sending!

Here's how I display the Christmas cards we get in the mail. It's actually a round ornament-shaped memory board and I just slip the cards in. I especially love when they send family portraits.


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Photo Cache said...

I'm like you. AFter Xmas sales means filling my shopping bag with boxed greeting cards. I still send them and I still receive them, thank heavens. We put them out for all to see as well.

MrCachet said...

We often make our own cards, but this year - it isn't going to happen. We may have to resort to your methodology, and send ours after Christmas.

Funoldhag said...

Mine haven't been done yet, but they will be written this weekend. Of course, at 82, my list diminishes each year - but that's to be expected. I still love to get the yearly news from some of my old friends. I don't have hardly any relatives older that are older. Still kind of believe in Santa Claus!!

Postcardy said...

I always like to find a box of cat Christmas cards to send. Usually this means buying them at the beginning of the season.

Snap said...

I have enough Christmas cards (collected during the after Christmas sales) to supply the state of Tx! :D :D Oh, my!!!!! Fun post!

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I never think far enough ahead to buy cards in the sales. I feel remarkably well organised that I've managed to send off all our cards this year, in good time for a change.

Dorincard said...

Nice! Too bad that many people throw away Christmas cards. :)

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