Sirens Ring, Are You Listening?

Santa Claus On A Fire Truck! Made My Day!

I wish I can just dash through the holiday errands on this big red firetruck like Santa! Santa ditched his sleigh for a firetruck this weekend. Our local fire station does this every year just before Christmas. They put their sirens on and Santa waves to the kids. They hand out candy canes to the little ones who watch them drive by.

The first time I ever saw them do this many years ago, I ran outside our house in my pajamas to take a picture of them. The firefighter walked up to our front lawn to hand ME candy canes! Back then, I could pass for a minor, but now, not anymore! Haha.

It's officially the First Day of Winter and we had a lunar eclipse earlier at dawn. I stayed up to watch it and it was a clear and very cold night. Too bad my camera couldn't capture the heavenly phenomenon as it happened!

Well, off I go to do some errands now. We are throwing a 30th Birthday Party for my sister on Christmas Day itself. Thank God I don't have to buy prom dresses! My To-Do List is long and versatile! I hope I get everything done in the Saint Nick of Time!

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Kayni said...

oh my, Santa must be cold up there.

Photo Cache said...

what a nice thing to do for kids. i wish we had something like this here.

Anonymous said...

Kung sa pinas ginawa yan.. na-harass na ng husto si santa pagkatapos. hahaha.

Merry Christmas conell! My xmas just got warmer after receiving ur card thru mail. Happy bday kay sis mo ;)

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