Fly Like A G6


Have you heard that club song by the Far East Movement (which, by the way, is an Asian rap group)? I spent a day with that song spinning in my head not too long ago. The G6 may have political references, or simply a fast car, or a fast plane as implied by the music video's ending.

I just want to fly...period. And perhaps look "fly" doing it. At the beginning of this year, I had planned/wished on flying somewhere. I did get to fly to the Philippines last summer. This sign suggests that Los Angeles is the closest destination to fly to from the sign's point of origin which is Chicago's Navy Pier (where I was last June).

Anybody can fly on a commercial plane, but not everyone gets to fly on a helicopter to get a good vantage point for aerial photography. If you're too scared of riding a helicopter, these dudes can do it for you. They specialize in going up in the air to produce aerial videography and aerial cinematography clips for your creative use: travel shows, movies with skyline views while actually being in the sky--the sky's the limit!
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