Sue Or Gaga?


Seriously, I did not intend this drawing to resemble Glee's Sue Sylvester. But don't you think this can be a potential Lady Gaga look? And WHAT THE FOX?! Our cable provider is still having this mad dispute with Fox Network! Glee's gone! It's like I live outside the United States and can't watch Glee live on Tuesday night until they fix their legal mess!

This drawing was inspired by The Prodigy's song "Breathe." If you watch the music video, one of the band members has that similar tattoo on his face. I used to listen to The Prodigy's album while preparing to go to school. It got me psyched up for the day ahead. However, I advise against using "Breathe" as a song to listen to if you're going to labor in the hospital. ("Inhale, inhale...you are the victim!")

Ging has been dabbling with watercolor pencils lately. I just doodled this with a blue ballpoint pen while listening to said song online.

Or do you think my hand-drawn character can be one for the comic books or any of those hidden object games in role-playing style? Such games can be downloadable straight to your PC or Mac to be played whenever you wish.

No matter how engaged you are with the game you're playing, don't forget to "Breathe!"

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Kayni said...

i like the drawing. parang comics. i wish i can doodle something like that.

kg said...

seriously, no glee? just when charice is there! she's amazing pa naman! hope you got to catch it though...

Sidney said...

That is a nice drawing... you can now start your own comic series !

Sinta said...

Great drawing :) Like the other commenters, wondering if you'll be entertaining us with your own online comic in the near future? ^_^

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