Last July, I visited the new Lego Store in Rockefeller Plaza. It opened in June of this year! It's a place to indulge your Lego-lust in! What was so cool about that store was that they have Lego-fied replicas of the art deco sculptures seen around Rockefeller Plaza, such as this imitation of the golden Prometheus statue.


You can let your imagination run as wild as this green brick dragon! The wall to the right has round dispensers of Lego pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. What's to be built is totally up to you!


Here's a Lego version of the Atlas statue, a famous sculpture that originally stands opposite St. Patrick's Cathedral along 5th Ave. The guy below must have thought I was taking his picture, but I later thought it was good he stood underneath it so his head can be a reference point for the sculpture's size.


Look up and you'll see more Lego masterpieces. Like this cartoony impression of the artwork originally seen on the entrance of the GE Building in Rockefeller Center. They took the artistic liberty of replacing the words "Wisdom and Knowledge" with "Creativity and Imagination." Don't you think this piece is just begging for a comic bubble?


I played with Lego and some Lego-like toys as a child. This man, though, took his love for Lego to the level of fine art: Nathan Sawaya. He calls himself the Brick Artist. I hope to check out his upcoming exhibit in New York City next month!

3 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

the guy looks mad...lol

lauren said...

Oh my goodness a Lego wonderland! Legos were classified as *expensive* toys when I was a kid, so my brother and I just shared a 'house' set (with Lego flowers!). :) I like the dragon--I want it in my room! :D

Sidney said...

What did you build ? :-0

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