The Cake Chronicles Continue


So I bought a fluted cake pan so I can enter the next baking level: from cupcakes to cakes! I used Betty Crocker German Chocolate cake mix for this attempt.


With this pan, the cake looked like a giant donut! I was pressed for time since this was supposed to be a birthday cake the same afternoon I made it so I quickly dressed it up with white frosting and red sprinkles.


Supersized birthday donut! Homer Simpson would be drooling!


It tasted moist and chocolatey sweet just like the box described. We brought the donut-cake to the Puerto Rican restaurant where we celebrated my sister's boyfriend's birthday. It was the same day that I had that freak accident. Good thing I wasn't carrying the cake when it happened. But I still enjoyed my Bacalao dinner that night!

Last night, I was watching "Wedding Cake Wars" on the Wedding Central Channel. They had a contest for mostly amateur cake-makers and the theme was "locations." You pick a famous destination and decorate your cake with that place in mind. One of the contestants was Carolina Lara, a Puerto Rican housewife with three kids who made theme cakes as a home business--she baked in her own home! Her cake was supposed to look like El Morro (which looks like the doppelganger of Manila's own Intramuros), that Puerto Rican landmark in Old San Juan (which I have a postcard of). Her husband was her assistant. She didn't win, but her efforts were inspiring. Another team with a gorgeous African Safari themed cake won first place.

Could fondant be in my baking future? Watching those cake shows make fondant-forming look like playing with modeling clay, except it's edible. Maybe if I try my hand at it, I could create some fantastic fondant cakes, too...especially for my niece's first birthday in August next year! That way, I won't just be sending the 1st birthday invitations, I'll be baking the cake too!

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Kate said...

Yummy yummy yummy :D I love how the cake looks like a giant doughnut :) so cute!

Kayni said...

i agree. it looks like a giant donut. i've been bloghopping and i've been seeing a lot of baked goods. my gosh, i'm getting hungry.

Photo Cache said...

oh you're good. i am all thumbs in the kitchen. i can't even make brownies from a ready mix. it always ended up so very dry that you have to eat all of them within the next couple of hours after baking or else they become weapons of mass destruction :)

fortuitous faery said...

thanks kate, kayni & photo cache! your comments are encouraging. i only started baking when my niece was born. the budding baker in me was born, too!

Bubbles said...

This is a fantastic doughnut cake, I want a slice.

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