Say Geese!


Take a gander at these geese that regularly graze the grass by the lake near our place. They're part of the scenery in my area that I've actually turned an old photo of them (the one on this blog's header graphic towards the left) into a postcard. I've sent that image around the world through Postcrossing, thanks to an online printing service I used. But such services also include sticker printing, brochure printing, and business card printing...everything you'll ever need to make your business or personal needs visually appealing.


The reason I decided to make my own postcards is because the availability of local postcards in my town is close to nil, even at the mall. They used to sell New Jersey postcards at the Carlton Cards shop at the mall, but they stopped doing that for a long time. For a reasonable price, I get a hefty stack of postcards to keep sending out to Postcrossers around the world, enabling my humble photo to do the traveling while I can't in the mean time, one postage stamp at a time.


And the fact that I have a new camera to play around with means I can take sharper photos. Now I just need to go out more!

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Bubbles said...

This is something I'd love to do as the postcards sold here are of places that don't even exist anymore but its finding the time to do it but also my camera isn't as good anymore.

fortuitous faery said...

Sounds like it's time for you to get a new camera! :)

Kayni said...

the problem with me is that i take too many photos and then get lazy to sort them...lol. i do love to make my own postcards too.

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