She's Got A Ticket To Ride, Eat, Pray & Love


So I finally saw "Eat Pray Love" yesterday after all the hype over said Elizabeth Gilbert travel memoir-turned-movie has long been intercepted by such films as "Inception" (which I still haven't seen, by the way). It was like a sauteed version of the Travel Channel, simmered in soul-searching sauce and slow-cooked for two hours.

I wanted to eat spaghetti afterwards. Jollibee spaghetti. Then I imagined doing my own travel trilogy, such as Croatia-Czech Republic-China. Or Turkey-Trinidad & Tobago-Thailand. Or Mexico-Morocco-Madagascar. One can dream of multiple-destination trysts, right?

Ah, to have that money to travel. Those plane tickets don't exactly cost the same as a mere pimple remover. But like Julia Roberts' character, I collect travel magazines. However, they don't fit in a box anymore.

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Sidney said...

Eat Pray Love... do we need anything else?

witsandnuts said...

It's yet to be shown here in the UAE next month. I need to start reading the book soooon!

PS. I like the positioning of your watermark. ;)

Kayni said...

i still need to see this, and i'm still craving Jollibee food...any Jollibee food will do for now.

if i drive to new york, would you be willing to meet and take me to Jollibee...lol. no kidding. i've been planning to drive to new york for a while.

Vlado&Toni said...

hmmmm yum i would like a jollibee cjoy with lots of jollibe gravy!!! yum! i started reading this book and actually i did not really like it, i think it is over rated ;( and stopped before she even reached india... i don't know if i would watch it nevertheless - i do like julia roberts and i think i have seen almost all her movies ..

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