Mi Motorola Ha Muerto

My Motorola Razr has just died.

I stuck it out with its imperfections for far too long than most people would endure. But it was time to move on to a Samsung Upstage. I still live in a cave with non-android/smart phones. In memory of my recently departed celfone, here are some of the last photos I took with the celfone's camera during my temporary gig in New York City last month:

mannequins along the fashion district for "sidewalk catwalk."

afternoon scene in times square.

It smelled so good inside the new POP TARTS WORLD on 42nd St.

Hallelujah! A Tim Hortons on 42nd St.! Just across Ripley's!

Good morning!

Good morning!

have an INdespicable weekend!

Rain in the City

I liked how the Razr was slim and lightweight. Domo Arigato, Mr. Moto. You have served me well.

3 vandalized my wall:

Sidney said...

My condolences :-0
Nice street shots you did with your Motorola Razr.
It will be replaced by what? The iPhone?

lagal[og] said...

Talk about living in a cave, I've stucked with my Nokia non-android/smartphone for over 2 years now. No signs of giving it up yet, battle scars and all :P

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: right now, i'm using a samsung upstage which is a double-sided type of celfone. i switch back and forth depending on whether i need to go online/take photos or simply text.

lagalog: haha! what a relief to know i'm not the only one using a "dinosaur" celfone. :P

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