Fly The Fashionable Skies

It's Labor Day weekend: the last throes of summer. While everyone else may have had Orlando vacation packages swirling in their minds, this sassy new TV ad by Korean Air caught my fancy. I've raved about my Korean Air flight experience before and how I absolutely love their bibimbap meal. Now this commercial just adds a level of couture to their already excellent flight service. Notice how this gigantic business traveler emerges from Manhattan's concrete jungle foliage. And watch the stewardesses do the catwalk!

I also love their uniform's Tiffany tint of blue! So elegant. So are the flight attendants!

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Sidney said...

Cool advertisement... but do you noticed they used a Caucasian guy...and not a Korean :-0

fortuitous faery said...

Well Sidney, they're trying to project a global image, so they're featuring "international passengers" cavorting around the world where Korean Air flies. :P

The scene with the stewardesses has a Korean one up front, at least! :P

kg said...

kung ganyan lang kagaganda ang mga stewardess, marmaing men ang sasakay dyan.

i haven't tried korean air. but many say they do have great service. :)

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