Mary Engelbreit Baby Outfits!


Mary Engelbreit (M.E.) is one of my favorite American artists who makes colorful stationery items tied with inspirational quotes. Imagine my gleeful surprise when I spotted these baby outfits designed by her at a Marshalls store...and they were even on clearance!


This design is of three glamorous pigs. I was looking for a dressy outfit for my baby niece to wear on her first month (which will be on the 29th). This outfit comes with a corduroy dress (perfect for fall!) with embroidered pigs, a long-sleeved pink onesie dotted with M.E.'s trademark rose blossoms, matching head garter (not in photo) and pink pants.


In case, you were wondering, Pig #3 is on the back side of the dress.


And there was another M.E. baby outfit! It's Little Bo Peep and her flock of sheep!


Blue birds will chirp around baby's leg! The pink gingham ribbons and lacy edges are just adorable! So girly!

Fortuitously fabulous finds on the baby aisle. It definitely made this aunt smile!

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Sidney said...

That are lovely baby clothes!
Too bad I am not a baby anymore ;-)

Bubbles said...

This is only the start of it especially with it being a girl as if you had a nephew the amount of clothes is really slim. I have seen so many clothes that I love, little dresses etc... for my niece but I haven't bought any of them because she's got a really sad auntie who piles her with books instead which she doesn't care about as from day one she absolutely loved books. I take her to the library and she never wants to leave.

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