Ace of Cupcakes?


On Friday night, I decided to try my hand at baking cupcakes for the first time with this box of devil's food cupcake mix I got at the dollar store. I've always been intimidated by baking.


I also bought a set of icing writer tubes by Wilton from Target for $1.98. Cupcakes are essentially cakes in cup size that can still be written on!


It was a simple mix of ingredients to create the batter: two eggs, some vegetable oil, water and the cupcake mix itself. I used Fairly Odd Parents-themed baking cups which I had bought ages ago because I had planned on trying to bake a long time ago.


As per the box's instructions, I set the oven at 375 degrees then allowed it to do its magic for 24 minutes. This was the result!


I added chocolate frosting on top of each cupcake. The can of frosting was also from the dollar store.

Then I wrote the birhday greeting with the icing writer and sprinkled each cupcake with green candy sprikles and M&M's minis. I added chocolate cookie fingers to complete the chocolate theme and this was my cousin's birthday cupcake! It was all gone as soon as the birthday candles were blown.

I'm no Betty Crocker, but these just might be my baby steps towards Ace of Cupcake-hood!

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Kayni said...

yummy, this is a great idea.

Bubbles said...

It looks great and I bet it tasted delicious. Just imagine the fun you could have with your niece baking, I've already bought mine a baking book, tiny baking set of rolling pin, chopping board etc... and I'm going to end up buying an apron and hat set from Etsy when she's about 3 as I think she's going to be a little small for her age.

Sidney said...

Yummy yummy!
Happy Birthday !

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