Where's The Buff?


At Jimmy Buff's, it's all in their Italian hotdogs, stuffed by the twosome in a pizza bread. My sister and I recently discovered this Jersey hotdog joint in East Hanover. I recognized the sign when I recalled it as one of the restaurants featured in a Travel Channel special on hotdogs, "Hotdog Heaven."


The signature hotdog sandwich actually consists of two Italian hotdogs with onions, fried potatoes and bell peppers. You choose the condiments. I opted for the single hotdog instead of double, which I later regretted because it didn't fill the pizza bread with enough meat.

The unique hotdog sandwich which originated in Newark was named after the Racioppi Family's Grandpa Buff. Many years ago, they served hotdogs in this manner to family and friends who came to their house for card games. The rest was hotdog history.


They have "Fat Tuesdays" in which all doubles cost only half-price. We didn't go there on a Tuesday, hence the single hotdog choice.

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lauren said...

that's a lot of hotdogs. oh my.

fortuitous faery said...

actually, there's a lot more potato slices in the sandwich! it's like having your fries and hotdog sandwich together!

Photo Cache said...

I saw this being featured in Travel Channel (I think) show about hotdog places.

fortuitous faery said...

@photo cache: yes it was indeed featured on travel channel on that hotdog special. i mentioned it on the post. thanks for dropping by!

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