Caesarean Kitchen

Caesar has a frying pan & spatula in Atlantic City.

Looks to me like Caesar is craving for a salad...and perhaps croutons...with this frying pan and spatula resting on his feet at the casino named after him. Well, turns out that Food Network hosted a Food and Wine Festival in Atlantic City. We did see some chefs walking around at nearby Bally's Casino, with their toques on. Sadly, we didn't see any Food Network celebrities.

This recent trip to AC was another driving achievement for me. Actually, last week involved driving in such places as Albany (in upstate New York), Atlantic City and Liberty State Park in Jersey City. I had guests over from California so I toured them around. The only time I didn't drive was when I took them to New York City. I've been to the Empire State Building several times now, but it was my first time to climb it during nighttime. And the view was spectacular. The wait time to get to the top felt the same as during the day, though.

I'm becoming more confident about long driving! I should drive somewhere new while it's still summer.

I drove my friends to Newark Airport at the break of dawn yesterday. The freeway was foggy. Then I realized how relieved I am that July is over. It's the busiest month I've ever had.

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Kayni said...

time is flying...august na.

witsandnuts said...

Haha, that's an interesting statue.;)

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