Chicken, Not Bread


One of my little cousins did her own version of amateur stand-up comedy at her mom's 50th birthday party recently. Her inspiration was this Fil-Am Youtube ("You Choob!") comedienne over at HappySlip.com. The jokes revolve around the peculiar things that make Filipinos Filipinos in America, as well as the thick Filipino accent that makes words sound funny to the American ear. Happyslip is actually from the term "half slip," or that piece of protective fabric worn underneath sheer skirts. The Happyslip actress portrays members of her own family, and the butt of the jokes is always her mother.

So the joke goes something like this: Use "chicken not bread" in a sentence.

(In a thick Filipino accent): A girl went to the pool. She finds out she could not swim. She starts to drown. CHICKEN NOT BREAD! (She cannot breathe)

My aunt was proud of her little girl's performance. Her happiness wasn't defined by whether she owned wholesale lots or all the riches that money can buy (she had enough designer bags as gifts to enjoy for the next three years anyway)...just the fact that she was with her family and friends on her special day.

Perhaps my little cousin just become the next "You Choob" sensation.

This hen and her coven of chicks were photographed in my hometown in Capiz, Philippines last May.

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Kayni said...

i used to have a hen with chicks too. i named her toktok...lol.

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