Litratong Pinoy #79: Kasinungalingan (Lie)

"Are you NUTS?!" That would be the question/reaction if someone told you a lie or something totally crazy. Same thing goes for people who don't have health or disability insurance.

However, these honest-to-goodness honey-roasted nuts peddled on the streets of New York City are not a lie. Look, it even says "all-natural!" Would someone who's "Nuts4Nuts" be considered a "health nut"?

Bili na kayo ng mani....pakyaw! Hindi ito biro o kasinungalingan!

4 vandalized my wall:

emarene said...

Hindi yata kasinungalingan yan - - NUTS are good for us. Did not see them when I was there :(

Oman said...

sosyal ang cart. sa pinas nasa lata lang yan ng fita hehehe. cool shot.

Mirage said...

Cool, Star Wars inspired!

Sidney said...

Nuts are very healthy !

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