Cirque Du So-HARE

a floral easter bunny with an egg on its nose at rockefeller center.

It was the first time I ever saw Rockefeller Plaza covered with flowers: azaleas, easter lilies, and colored daisies...and the floral centerpiece of it all? This Easter Bunny made of ivy and daisies. It didn't have any bow ties on it, but it did have a big striped egg on its nose. I don't know what's up with the purple and yellow color scheme, though. I suspect an L.A. Lakers fan was behind this somehow.

I consider it a personal triumph to be able to get a stranger to take my photo at photogenic places such as this when I'm by myself. I asked a guy with a cap and backpack to please take my picture with the Easter Bunny. I think I heard him say "sim" which may indicate he's Portuguese. He even knelt on one knee just to photograph me. It turned out nicely. Today, I was lucky. I thanked him, of course. I'm glad I stopped and smelled the Easter Bunny.

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witsandnuts said...

It's good when there are strangers like him. That's why I try to be sensitive, too, to others around me who would like their pictures to be taken (also couples and those in big groups). People who love taking photos would know when they're needed by fellow enthusiasts. =)

Sidney said...

Where are you? Hiding behind the flowers? ;-)

Kayni said...

sometimes, i hate asking strangers to take my photos, but that's one beauty of traveling alone. love the bunny :)

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