Lady Gaga & Lauper On Lips


It sure looks to me like Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper aren't just selling lipstick, but also lingerie. Hmmm...what about wrinkle serums? After all, it's a billboard for Sephora in Times Square (seen last month). It's a lipstick jungle out there.

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Kayni said...

Wow, Cindy Lauper - that's one name I haven't heard in a while. They look good...lol.

Kate said...

I just saw this ad yesterday :P Lady Gaga looks naked at first glance. hahaha!

The Becky said...

you are the winner!! :) (check the art of wating blog) libre, libre! :)
p.s. panelomo is soo envious. be afraid. hehe.

ciao ciao

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