The Gods Must Be Racy

When I read Bulfinch's Greek Mythology when I was younger, I came to know Zeus as a god who seduced a lot of women and thus fathered a lot of young gods and demigods. You can say that his "lightning rod" goes a long way beyond Mt. Olympus.

These gods never had to worry about acne solutions, especially Aphrodite. However, this particular sculpture of a couple on a sarcophagus cover at the Met Museum sparked my curiosity. See how the woman's face is damaged beyond recognition? I imagine the jealous goddess Hera, Zeus' wife, as the cause of this facial attack that's more than just acne problems. Notice how everything else about the sculpture is fine. Of course, they'll just say it's natural wear and tear.

2 vandalized my wall:

witsandnuts said...

Oh my! Ano ngang nangyari sa face nya? Ang ganda pa naman ng pose. =)

Sidney said...

Hahahaha...acne problems on the statue! :-0

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