Only four days to go before my flight to the Philippines! I wish my carry-on suitcase was this limited edition, pink Toki-Doki Hello Kitty suitcase, seen here from the Sanrio Store in New York City, but it's too expensive so I'm sticking to my good old Roxy. I'm 95% done with the gnashing of the teeth and weighing that comes with the boxes that are now considerably smaller because of the 50-lb. (23 kg.) weight limit now imposed on check-in luggages. For international flights, it used to be 20 pounds more. So now, it's always a challenge as to what could fit in the smaller dimensions of the boxes used. Bigger things are better left behind for door-to-door shipping purposes. I bought so much Easter chocolates that I had to pack them in the boxes, too.

It's a good thing a lot of us are flying this time, big reunions and occasions to attend to. We're not arriving at the same time, though. We're traveling in pairs. I'm going with my grandmother, then a couple of weeks later it's my parents, then a few days after that it's my sister and aunt. We're not traveling via first class, so we don't expect home theater seating comfort, but what matters most is that we're all flying back to the Philippines. Oh, and I'm looking forward to the in-flight movie marathons.

On a different kitty note, my cat has been displaying more needy and affectionate behavior than usual. Perhaps she knows I'm going away soon?

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Kayni said...

oh yes, i hate the weighing part too especially when my mom wants to pack a lot in my luggage just bec she ran out of space on hers...lol. i'm excited for you.

fortuitous faery said...

and i'll be doing all the lifting to and from the conveyor belt. haha.

i'm excited too, thanks!

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