Conniechiwa & Princess Ody Go To Jollibee

inside the yumburger lair at jollibee in queens yesterday.

We were like the female versions of Harold and Kumar when Ody and I went to Jollibee in Queens on Thursday, but without the crazy detours that the fastfood-inspired movie had. We were just tired from walking under the blazing Big Apple sun (summer weather in April!) that we looked forward to being nourished by this bee. Poor Ody was suffering from blisters on her Havaianas-clad feet, while my heels felt very flattened in my ballet flats.

It was our first time meeting each other, and Jollibee was part of our day-long itinerary. We took the 7 train from Grand Central and saw how the scenery changed with every stop as soon as we crossed to Queens. It looked like riding the MRT in Manila...seriously!

We alighted at 61st Street in Woodside and came down the steps. It was the wrong set of stairs that we took because the jolly red bee was nowhere to be found. Ody asked a cabbie where Jollibee was, and told us to walk a couple of blocks down towards 63rd St.

Ody observed how the neighborhood looked "hardcore" as we walked by a Mexican food stall and tiangge-stype stores that transported us to Divisoria. I saw the side profile of Jollibee first, and we each had photos taken with the statue. I wrote an ode to the yumburger with cheese last year.

We entered the Yumburger Hive, and I stared at the menu--torn between the combo meals. Since it was already 2PM, the small place had enough empty tables. I ended up with the Chicken Joy-Spaghetti Meal while Ody chose the Yumburger with Cheese-Fries combo. We both had the ubiquitous Peach Mango Pie. The items were remarkably bigger compared to their Philippine counterpart, including the drinks! The critique? Ody noted that the cheese tasted different, but not in a bad way; while I thought the spaghetti sauce tasted a tad saltier rather than sweet (as is the trademark flavor). But overall, it was close enough to the Philippine taste.

Ody flew all the way from Vienna for this. She was a bit disappointed that they did not have the Jolly Hotdog. We ended up getting Nathan's original hotdogs from Coney Island instead. At the end of that day, I was so exhausted that I would be the last person you would ask about proactiv reviews.

More details and some photos from our New York day tour to come. Ody flies back to Vienna this afternoon.

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Four-eyed-missy said...

I wish Jollibee will open a branch here in PP, too. Sa Ho Chi Minh lang meron, and that means dragging Miss Iggy to HCM on a 6hr-bus ride! Hihihi, why not, choc-nut, di ba? Soon I hope.
So, where's the obligatory photo of Iggy sisters? heheheh.

YTSL said...

There's a Jollibee in Hong Kong. Didn't realize it was a Filipino chain -- should have known as it's near a building with lots of (other) stores that cater to Filipinos and Filipinas. :)

Sidney said...

Wow...flying from Vienna to eat at Jollibee!
She definitely earned her Yumburger !

witsandnuts said...

From Vienna just for the Jollibee! I'm glad I was able to have my Jollibee bites twice during my short vacation.

PS. Whenever Vienna is mentioned, I can't help but think of Before Sunset the movie.

Gizelle said...

Ody, bring me home a jollihotdog!!!

Would really love it if ever there's be jollibee and dunkin donuts in this city...lol

kg said...

wow! jollibee in the US? naku, malamang patok yan sa mga pinoy. iba kasi talaga ang lasa ng lutong jollibee! even though the food's not exactly the same, at least the taste will come close. :)

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