When You Wish Upon A Wall


Miss Iggy was having a ball inside the Times Square Visitors Center, while I was staring at this wall filled with strangers' hopes and dreams written on confetti. These wishes are to be flung in the air on New Year's Eve, right when the ball drops. Visitors are invited to write their own wishes on a confetti and post it here.

I didn't need discount prescription glasses to read their hearts' desires. Here are a few:


I could have written that yellow one myself!


I suspect the one on the left was scribbled by a dog. I mean, a dog-person. Now, doesn't everyone else share the wish on the right? I hear your chances of winning are bigger when you actually place a bet.


Is it so hard to make Chia pets grow? And the one below it sounds like a Miss Universe answer. I'll drink to that as well.


What would YOU write on this wall?

3 vandalized my wall:

Oman said...

that's a great idea. so many wishes. hope they come true.

lagal[og] said...

may the wall help actualize the wishes. now, what would i wish for...

Kayni said...

I'd write - "pay off my bills and live credit free."

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