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I Am A Nurse: Patient-Focused & Planet-Friendly! bag
I Am A Nurse: Patient-Focused & Planet-Friendly! by conniechiwa
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A recent creative spurt inspired this original artwork honoring loving family and friends in the nursing profession. I've got my own mom, lots of aunts, an uncle, cousins, and soon--a niece--walking in Florence Nightingale's footsteps. This tote proudly proclaims being a caring nurse and also being environmentally-conscious! The two attributes are represented by the heart and earth embraced by a female and male nurse. The tote handle comes in different colors.

 The advantage of using such e-stores is that I only need to upload my design and pick a product to attach it to. The image is stored in my account with them, which instantly makes them my online backup. The downside: the base price offered is already expensive that it leaves me, the seller, with little room to actually make a profit. But hey, it's a start.

2 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

this is nice. does the bag come in just white color?

happy tuesday!

fortuitous faery said...

kayni: zazzle's canvas totes only come in white. happy maundy thursday!

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