Not Wanted: Wedding Singer

I love weddings, especially where the bride sings karaoke!

Last month, I attended a "Renewal of Vows" Ceremony, which was actually a 20th Wedding Anniversary. The best part about the event was that the bride herself did most of the singing, so that really, a wedding singer wasn't necessary. It was a videoke-themed wedding!

She's a Filipino pediatrician, who, because of her surname, attracts Latino patients. Much to their sorpresa, she's actually fluent in Spanish. Here she is singing "Wind Beneath My Wings."

She didn't hog the mic all night, though. Some of her kid patients prepared a series of numbers where they too, sang, and some played instruments.

You can see that she's younger than her husband, but they're very much in love. He's the man I drew this portrait for as a birthday gift. His actual birthday was the day after that occasion.

True to the Valentine/Chinese New Year mood of that month, the motif was red. I did not see if the bridesmaid gifts were of the same crimson color, but I did get the bride's red bouquet! Honestly, it was more for the photo op than for anything else.

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Kayni said...

interesting way to renew vows. i've never been to a karaoke themed wedding yet. it looks fun though.

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