Crocus-Pocus, Kitty-Catabra


It's the first day of Spring! And my cat Siomai couldn't care less! This is her in paperweight mode, by the way. Newspaperweight mode, to be exact.

It's been sunny for a few days now that people are actually out and about in t-shirts and shorts! It actually feels more like summer! A summer mirage in March! But the warmth is real!

The lake near our house has been crowded with sun worshippers eager to use their walking shoes and not their winter boots. I don't know if any of them take HGH supplements, but that's their business. I'm just happy I can stuff my puffy jackets away at last!

And as scheduled, our wee little crocus flowers have bloomed, just as they did around the same time last year!

Spring has sprung!

2 vandalized my wall:

Kate said...

she's beautiful :) looks super soft and silky too!

AVCr8teur said...

Siomai looks like she's enjoying the Sunday paper.

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