Like A Bouquet Of Floral Flabs

$10 floral dress at H&M. I look like a bouquet of flowery flabs. Haha.

The red sale tags at H&M lured me into the store and I wound up in the fitting room wrapped in this $10 flowery dress that made me look like a bouquet of floral flabs. I frowned at this photo and thought that I reminded myself of the "Before" poster for weight loss supplements ads. My arms need to go into serious Spring training!

I read a style tip somewhere that one should never compromise on size. Meaning, no matter how tempting an item is for its bargain price, it's important that it fits you. When it fits you right, it will naturally be flattering. Consequently, you'll look fabulous.

So don't settle for that clearance pair of shoes when it's a half-size smaller. Your feet will NOT shrink! Unless you decide to be a "lotus-feet" lady.

As for clothes, do you really think you got a bargain when the dress requires you to suck in your tummy for long periods of time for fear of threads taking flight from the fabric hugging your skin?

So in other words, did I buy this dress? It's in my room in a shopping bag, with two skirts at $5 each. I will make this outfit work for me. What are shawls for? And yes, I really have to hit the treadmill.

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pusa said...

pretty dress though :)

why lage putol ulo? hehe

witsandnuts said...

That's a pretty piece. =)

I have a confession to make. I actually bought tops and dresses just because I love them so much even if they don't fit in me yet. Like they're (one of) my motivating factors to get fit. Haha.

fortuitous faery said...

witsandnuts: exactly! i call them "purchases with a purpose!" LOL

Vlado&Toni said...

hahaha..so i was thinking when you asked what happened to the dress??? I knew you would buy it .. i would as well ;) i cannot resist bargains!!! pero somebody told me just because it's on sale you should not buy it.. yeah right! i so agree with witsandnuts - i am guilty as well of the same crime.. women!

kg said...

$10 H&M dress? can you buy that for me and send it here? he! he!

plaridel said...

the rule of thumb is if it makes you feel good, then why not? glad you bought it. it's a pretty dress.

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