I'm A Kitty Teapot


Great Britain is known not just for fish and chips, Harry Potter, or Beatrix Potter, but also for its great tea. Tea is their sacred beverage. You see, I've devised a personal quick weight loss program which involves drinking tea, but back when I visited London in 2007, I never really cared much for tea.

When I went to the quaint shops at Covent Garden, this dainty feline teapot and creamer vessel caught my eye. Three years later, I regret not buying it. My carry-on was stuffed with Peter Rabbit instead on the flight back.


More teacups! Enough to host a tea party for Alice in Wonderland!

4 vandalized my wall:

Kayni said...

oh wow, that feline teapot is really cute.

Ibyang said...

that's all sooooo cute. i love drinking tea so my dream is to one day have a teacup collection. :)

pusa said...

ang kyutttt!

Oman said...

ang cute naman. pag ganyan naman lalagyan eh tyak mapapa-tea ako. :)

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