Driving By Woods On A Snowy Morning

When you live in the Northeast like I do, that means you get to experience what is known as a "Nor'easter," or that snowstorm that sweeps across said region including Atlantic Canada. Simply put, it's Mother Nature's wintry wrath, burying everything in snow along its path. It's Mother Nature's other persona during this cold season: the Blizzard Wizard.

So this weather factor becomes important when choosing the right car to buy when you're anywhere near my zip code. Right now I drive the family van, which is not a big contender when navigating the snowy, slippery roads. It becomes even more complicated when the streets become an inclined slope, as our area basically consists of hills that wind at varying degrees.

Snowy evidence of this morning's weather at White Meadow Lake, NJ.

This got me into browsing for cars online, just out of curiosity. Personally, I'm more inclined towards Asian brands, since it's been a reliable choice for us since our Philippine driving days. I therefore checked out some Honda Fit pics to see if it fits the bill as a potential road warrior that will not surrender to the snow, because some cars only perform and look well during the summer.

The Honda Element specs reveal that it's a roomy choice for long road trips, as well as packed with safety features. I like that! After all, isn't safety supposed to be the number one concern when shopping for vehicles?

Another brand that boasts its safety features as well as fuel-efficiency is Chevy. Between the Chevy Colorado and the Chevy Tahoe, I think I'll pick the latter. I've decided that I'm more of an SUV-type of girl.

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Sidney said...

I hate driving on snowy roads...

Kate said...

i want to see snow :) btw, my online friend sent me a photo of a car covered in thick snow driving around. He said its illegal to do that but I guess the owner was too lazy to clean his car.

fortuitous faery said...

kate: yes, that's illegal because it's hazardous not only to the driver but to other cars near him who might get in an accident from the flying snow off his car.

speaking of the white stuff, we're supposed to get pounded with more snow friday afternoon well into saturday. :P

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

Id be happy to own even a second-hand vaios. :D

I'd be more happy for a chance to escape Singapore's humidity! I miss winter.... :D

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