That Was It

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" was supposed to be his last swan song of a concert, but it turned out to be too ominous of his own demise. Kenny Ortega, the creative force behind this would-be spectacular concert, had the brilliant foresight of recording every phase of the rehearsals, which later became this docu-movie commemorating the "King of Pop."

True to his larger-than-life popstar persona, Michael Jackson's concert would have boasted over-the-edge technological and audiovisual tricks never before attempted in on-stage entertainment. They've updated the thrill capacity of the "Thriller" zombies and added a 3D twist. "Smooth Criminal" became even more silky smooth. It was like Broadway with an MTV vibe and lots of Michael Jackson magic dust.

As every familiar Michael Jackson hit was rehearsed, one can't help but lament over his loss all over again. One can't also help but notice how frighteningly frail he looked, how skinny his body seemed under his loose, shiny jackets. How did he end up that way? I don't imagine him going online to purposefully search for a Medifast coupon code.

He was surrounded by talented back-up dancers who were greatly inspired by him. When they expressed their grief at the beginning of the movie, you feel their deep sense of sorrow, not just the sadness of knowing their big paycheck would be cut short. This was the man who gave them a reason to be the best they could be. Unfortunately, "This Is It" for Michael.

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Anonymous said...

my friend told me he wanted to watch this. i think it is just sad. however, don't you think that most only started to pay attention to him again when he died?

witsandnuts said...

I wonder if it's still showing in Abu Dhabi next week. I want to watch sana. But by next week, I'd be torn between this and 2012. Then last week of November is of course, for New Moon. =)

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I haven't watched the movie yet. Hopefully this weekend.

Marites said...

I saw the movie and it's really good. too bad he died too young, he could've done more.

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