Swine Flew!


Chicago's Millennium Park isn't just about the Cloud Gate sculpture. When I strolled around here last September, I saw some cool art installations that were quirky and got me quizzical. Take this mutant red car with frog-like tongue suspending what looks like a gold swine and two naked people. Now that's what I call "Swine Flew!" He looks a bit tongue-tied, doesn't he?

Seeing this fun-tastic piece of art reminded me of gold bullion and gold coins--the chocolate kind, at least. Although a real gold coin wouldn't hurt either. The only coin collection I have involves the pressed souvenir pennies. The only pressed pennies I have from Chicago are from Sears Tower (which, by the way, is now called "Willis Tower!") and Navy Pier. As for the bullion, I'll buy me a billion when I hit the lotto.

5 vandalized my wall:

ms firefly said...

that is soooo weird, but much better than swine flu. ^-^

Abaniko said...

I wonder what the gender of the swine is. Go back and take another picture from the other side. Haha.

Nice one.

Kodak Picturezzz said...

Funny word play. swine FLEW. :)

fortuitous faery said...

msfirefly: indeed!

abaniko: good idea! however, we were in a hurry to get back to our parking spot because our ticket had an expiry time! :P

retro: thanks! i was also thinking that the sculpture looks more like "swine FLUNG." :p

Toe said...

Bizarre and really cool! :)

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