Senorita Sue Sylvester Spells Out "More Fun Time"

If you're a "Gleek" like me, you would hate cheering squad coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) so much you'll love her. Her sarcasm and scathing sense of humor...not to mention her preference for track suits, make her seem like Sporty Spice AND Scary Spice combined...with a dash of some other kind of spice.

She's the new spokesperson for XBox 360 Elite, coaching families on how to enjoy it and what not to Twitter, among other Sue Sylvesterisms. So can people also surf about random things like rv insurance with it?

And here's one "Behind the Fun" look at this green Xbox Lady:

(How about "Fling Ur Netbook" as another acronym for FUN? Well, I mean, if you can do all those things with the new Xbox, you might as well do it. Fling it my way, my friend!)

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Sidney said...

Hehehe...funny adds!

Sinta said...

Love these ads ^_^

JR said...

Glad you're finding these "Behind the Fun" Jane Lynch spots as funny as we are. The behind the scenes stuff really takes the campaign to a much funnier place and lets Jane Lynch really shine in all her awkward glory. Feel free to check out the other Jane Lynch videos over at the Xbox YouTube and thanks for the support!


Xbox Outreach Team

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