Kris Kindle

How did Amazon come up with the name for their digital reader, "Kindle?" Sounds clever, if you ask me. With such devices, one can "burn" books in it...thereby kindling the Kindle! I know someone who would love the Kindle and a pack of Dutch Master as stocking stuffers. Their snazzy new commercial promises "books in 60 seconds." It has global wireless capacity, too! I love the whimsical song they used for the commercial, "Fly Me Away" by Annie Little (the same girl you see in the ad!):

If you love the song, you can download the MP3 for free from Amazon.

3 vandalized my wall:

Anonymous said...

this is cool. plus the advertising is good. i love people in advertising LOL

Sidney said...

I would love to have a Kindle!

Toe said...

Cute commercial!

A Kindle is in my Christmas wish list. I wonder who'll give me? :)

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