Soy Joy


When I visited family in the quiet, countryside town of Homer Glen, Illinois last month, I had to stop and gaze at this yellow soy field right at the entrance of their little subdivision. The golden hues just had "autumn" written all over it. This scenery really made me understand why Illinois is known as the "Prairie State."

There's a big banquet hall just across the road from here. I was told that it's a favorite backdrop for wedding photos. I have to agree on that.

And to add to my yellow streak that day, a yellow school bus passed me by where I stood next to the soy field. This one's for you, Ging!


And speaking of soy, I just started drinking soy milk...because they say it's a healthier alternative to regular milk. I am loving chocolate-flavored soy milk! ♥

7 vandalized my wall:

Lantaw said...

wow! talk about wide open space!

witsandnuts said...

I liked soy milk for a while when still in Manila. Those available here are not too good. Or probably, I've not found the right one yet.

Anonymous said...

i want to walk on top of that field! LOL

fortuitous faery said...

lantaw: and there's plenty of that in illinois!

witsandnuts: i drink the zen soy brand...the panda logo beckoned me. it did not disappoint! :)

prinsesamusang: i wanted to run through it with balloons! haha.

Ebie said...

Its beautiful! I will pretend I am Maria (The Sound of Music) and ran across the fields and be singing the theme!

hehehe pwede kaya?

ms firefly said...

i love that yellow school bus!!!

gingmaganda said...

yay! schoolbus! thanks!

my apologies for the late backread of everyone's blogs. ngayon lang naayos ang dsl namin since ondoy!

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