"New York, I Love You"

I'm a bit surprised they didn't call this collaborative film project "I ♥ NY." Probably trademark issues? Hehe. I saw a movie poster for this recently after watching "Where The Wild Things Are." I'd so love to see this movie which, like its French counterpart--"Paris, Je T'Aime!," boasts of a powerhouse cast including Natalie Portman who was in that Parisian film. HK actress Shu Qi is in it, too!

"New York, I Love You" is already showing in select movie theaters. I'm looking forward to it in my town. "Paris JTA" was about profiteroles, mimes, Elijah Woods' big Frodo eyes and vampiric fetish; Oscar Wilde and all other things French, especially l'amour!

With "New York, ILY," it's about things I also love about New York: Times Square, Grand Central Station, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and the subways, just to name a few. It's also about falling in love "in a New York minute." I ♥ NY, even if sometimes it doesn't love me back!

You know what else I love about New York? The Yankees playing tomorrow in the World Series against the Phillies! Game 1 will be at Yankee Stadium. They're nicknaming it the "Turnpike Series." I say, the Phillies should just exit gracefully!

Alternatively, it's also the "Liberty Series," because NY has the Statue of Liberty, while Philadelphia has the Liberty Bell. I think the statue is "for whom the bell tolls!"

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Anonymous said...

Heeeyyy. Been a while since i posted. I love the new look of your site. Bigyan kita ng 4 stars. wehehe.

musta pow!

witsandnuts said...

Looks like an endearing film. Would you believe that there was a comedy teleserye aired in the Philippines, titled I love New York, with Marvin and Jolina as actors? =)

felice said...

i also look forward to this film, thanks for sharing =)

ms firefly said...

yay, looks exciting!!!
i want to watch that!!!

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